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Chinese Podcast Marketing FAQs

How do you market a podcast?

Podcasts can be marketed similarly to other content such as blogs and videos. At the same time, certain strategies are particularly useful for podcasts. First, make sure your podcast is syndicated. Syndication platforms such as iTunes, Blubrry, and SoundCloud offer access to an extensive audience. Next, promote your podcast on social media the way you would a blog or a video. You can also transcribe your audio and convert it into an interesting blog that further communicates your message. If you have guests featured in your podcasts, leverage their audiences as well. These and other tactics will help market your podcast and steadily grow your audience.

What is podcast advertising?

Podcast advertising involves promoting your brand or company on a podcast. Information regarding a company’s offering can be discussed by the host or any other guests in an informative yet conversational way. Including a mention of or highlighting a product or brand can also be done in exchange for compensation, making it similar to a paid product placement.

Why have podcasts become increasingly popular?

Podcasts have become so popular because they offer the audience a way to digest interesting content in virtually any location. While blogs and videos require reading, viewing, and someone’s full attention, a podcast can be consumed during a drive, a walk in the park, an exercise session, or virtually any other activity the listener chooses. As a result, podcasts offer marketers, and the brands they work for, an accessible audience with very lower barriers.

How do you start advertising on podcasts?

Advertising on podcasts requires a little forethought and a strategy that targets a large listening audience. When starting the journey into podcast advertising, consider podcasts that share your brand’s demographics. If they cater to the same audience your company does and can complement your product or service, it could be an excellent match. It’s also worth understanding the various cost structures associated with podcast advertising. Starting with a very affordable budget and increasing it should you see promising results is a sound strategy. Consider how competitors are advertising on podcasts. Finally, advertise on multiple podcasts, especially on podcasts that target your same audience.

How does a podcast go viral?

Positioning your podcast so that it goes viral involves incorporating some effective marketing strategies. When you include well-known guests and outstanding content, word regarding your podcast can travel like wildfire. It’s also helpful to blog about your podcast, as your blog readers may not completely overlap with your podcast audience. Promote your podcast via your social media channels and include sound bites of the most interesting moments to lure more listeners. There are many additional activities marketers can incorporate to help a podcast go viral, but doing the above will be an excellent start.

Can you monetize a podcast?

Podcasters can generate revenue from their podcasts simply by incorporating a few simple practices. Adding referral sponsorships is an easy way to generate additional revenue. Mentioning the advertised company, publishing their link, and including a call to action can all be very effective. Charging a fee to feature a guest on a very popular podcast can generate a meaningful amount of revenue. Syndicating your podcasts to YouTube is another way to potentially monetize your podcasts. Providing a limited-time offer for your products or services for listeners is an excellent way of generating additional revenue.