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Article to Video FAQ

How does one convert articles to videos?

Social media has made videos more and more popular, which makes it appealing to use video marketing to grow your brand. Fortunately, converting an article into a video is relatively easy, thanks to various online tools. But before we get into the details of converting articles into videos, we should look at what types of content can be quickly turned into videos.

Not only can articles be turned into videos, but so can other content such as blog posts, ebooks, essays, presentations, and white papers. The content that best lends itself to video conversions contains the following elements:
  • Excellent topic
  • Good arguments that support the topic
  • Insightful information
  • Imagery that helps illustrate important points
  • Compelling conclusion

Which tool can you use to turn an article into a video?

There are many tools that marketers, HR professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs can use to turn an article into a video. The most popular tools that focus on specifically converting written content into video include Rocketium, Viomatic, and Biteable.

Rocketium is a comprehensive tool that enables users to create video projects with workflow automation, brand management, and integration of external assets.

Viomatic includes a content-to-video plugin that allows users to create stunning marketing videos from a variety of assets, including written and website content.

Biteable allows anyone to easily create videos featuring animation, stock footage, and photos.

In addition to the tools mentioned above, tools such as PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Final Cut Pro allow for the conversion of articles and blogs to video. Each video project using these tools can feature audio of the written content or direct inclusion of the written content into video as animation.