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Business Names & Slogans FAQ

What is a business name and slogan?

A business name and a slogan are two important components of developing a compelling brand for your organization. A business name can be the official corporate name of your organization (the name used to file as a partnership, corporation, or LLC, or the name by which your organization is doing business. Either way, the name of your organization is a key component of your overall brand, as it’s the primary way your organization is referred to.

Similarly, a slogan conveys to your target audience exactly what you do or the benefit you provide. An organization’s slogan can be the same as its tagline, or they may be different. Slogans are usually used as an element of an ad or promotional campaign, while taglines are often used as part of the company name and logo.

Why is a slogan important?

A slogan is important because it effectively conveys to your target audience the benefit of using your product or service. A slogan is typically short and catchy, allowing your target audience to easily remember it and associate its characteristics with your brand name.

The best slogans can be used for years, allowing companies to create popular sayings that become part of popular culture. Examples of slogans that have become a part of popular culture include “Just Do It” for Nike, “Because You’re Worth It” for L'Oréal, “We try harder” for Avis, “Think Different” for Apple, “I’m Lovin’ It” for McDonald’s, and “America Runs on Dunkin” for Dunkin.

How do I create a slogan for my company?

While there are multiple ways to create a slogan, the two most common are to use the services of an agency or a consultant or to create one on your own. Choosing the agency or consultant route will usually include developing a slogan as part of a promotional campaign. The campaign will typically highlight a product or service your organization is selling, with the slogan used as a cornerstone of that campaign.

The process used by an agency or consultant to create a slogan for your company may include incorporating characteristics of your overall brand as well as solutions to your customers’ most common pain points. An example might be “You’ll never use another to unclog your drains again” as a slogan for a plumbing company.

If creating a slogan on your own is preferable, it’s helpful to do so via a contest. Contests, which can involve friends, employees, partners, or customers, allow those participating to submit their suggestions with the hope of having their submission selected. They could involve some form of prize, such as a free product or service.

Either way you choose, you have several options at your disposal to create a long-lasting and popular slogan.

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

Creating a catchy business name can be done in the same way a slogan is created. Many organizations use the services of an agency or a consultant to help them create a catchy business name. Often, the resulting name is a clever play on words using all or parts of the product or service you sell, such as Salesforce and SurveyMonkey.

Creating a name by polling your friends, employees, partners, or customers is another way to create a catchy business name. Finally, using acronyms can be an excellent method to come up with a catchy business name. Good examples of acronyms are IMB, BMW, HSBC, and CVS.