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German Legal Consulting FAQs

What does a legal consultant do?

A legal consultant provides guidance and legal advice to businesses and individuals outside of the courtroom. This can be an attractive option, as consultants are a less expensive option than hiring a full legal team. With a legal consultant, businesses can keep costs down while still receiving legal guidance in their area of interest.

How do I start a legal consulting business?

If you’re thinking about becoming a legal consultant, your first step is to research your market and lay the groundwork for your future career. Determine if your skills are needed in your area and if there is a demand for your specific type of legal consulting business. Once you have a foothold, begin building your consulting brand through social media sites or networking on Upwork or LinkedIn.

What is a consulting lawyer?

Many individuals and organizations look to independent legal consultants with the know-how and law practice experience to provide them with legal advice. The main difference between hiring a consultant and hiring a lawyer is that a consulting lawyer is not offering representation in court.

Can you be a consultant with a law degree?

Most legal consultants have a law degree. In fact, some businesses require that any consultant who provides legal services has a law degree.

What services do consultants provide?

Legal consultants offer advice to organizations or individuals for a fee. They are able to advise their clients in their area of legal expertise, be that real estate, NDAs, or another form of law.

What is an NDA?

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a binding contract between two or more parties. This agreement prevents sensitive information from being shared with any others.

What does a patent lawyer do?

Patent lawyers are versed in preparing and filing patent applications for clients. These lawyers handle various patent-related issues such as licensing and patent infringement.