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Mining Logo Design FAQs

Why do I need a logo?

Organizations, and some individuals, benefit from using a logo because it represents the qualities associated with their brand. A logo is one of the most effective ways companies can convey all the merits and virtues related to its product or service and should be easily recognizable by its target audience across a variety of channels and platforms.

What's included in a logo design package?

Logo designers often provide a comprehensive logo design package that includes a number of elements. This package can include the logo itself in various file formats that can be used across various channels and platforms. The package may also include business card and stationery designs featuring the logo. Finally, a design package could include logo versions that can be used on dark or light backgrounds as well as brand identity instructions that provide descriptions of how the logo should and should not be used.

What is the main function of a logo?

The main function of the logo is to act as a visual representation of the company’s brand that quickly conveys all of the qualities associated with its product or service across a variety of channels and platforms.

What file types do I need for my logo?

A logo designer should provide a variety of file types for your logo, including JPEG, PNG, vector, Photoshop, PDF, and EPS files that allow for use online and in print production on various dark or light backgrounds.

What should I look for in a logo designer?

Since tastes vary, logo designs that are attractive to one client might not appeal to another. What is important is that the logo samples offered by the designer appeal to you, the designer is easy to work with and provides pricing options that accommodate your budget, and you or your company owns the rights to the logo being created for you.