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Grant Writing FAQ

What are grants?

A grant is a monetary sum or product given to nonprofits, students, businesses, or others from a government, foundation, or corporate entity. Funds distributed via a grant are typically not repayable, as their intention is to provide funding to further a cause or endeavor of interest to the party providing the funds.

How do you apply for grants?

A cottage industry exists specifically to help individuals or organizations apply for a grant. While applying for an educational grant is somewhat easier in terms of the application process, applying for a more significant grant, typically given to nonprofits, start-ups, and other organizations, involves a complex process. The process can be so extensive that a professional grant writer is often employed to help the requester develop an application that has a greater chance of success.

What makes a good grant writer?

Excellent grant writers exhibit a number of traits. They possess initiative, are data driven, have excellent writing and storytelling skills, exhibit an understanding of the grant provider, are detail oriented, and are adept at developing meaningful relationships.

What questions should you ask before beginning a grant writing project?

There are a number of questions to ask when beginning a grant project. The most important ones include:
  • What is a realistic amount to ask for?
  • When are decisions about funding made?
  • Does your company have a track record of success?
  • What problem will the grant solve?
  • Has your organization been audited to demonstrate a history of proper financial management?