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German LinkedIn Profiles FAQs

Who can write my LinkedIn profile?

A good LinkedIn profile is important for job seekers to explain their experience and skills to recruiters and hiring managers. To have the best LinkedIn profile, many people hire writers to perform a complete LinkedIn profile makeover. A Linkedin profile writer is skilled at résumé writing and knows how to make the best optimized LinkedIn profile.

These professional résumé writers typically begin with a phone consultation to understand your personal brand and how you want to convey that on your LinkedIn account. They talk with you about your work experience and identify the best ways to revamp your professional LinkedIn profile.

How much does a LinkedIn profile cost?

A Linkedin profile is free for all Linkedin accounts. However, you can upgrade your account and purchase LinkedIn Premium, which costs $29.99 per month.

How much does a LinkedIn profile makeover cost?

The average LinkedIn profile makeover starts at around $150 and can go as high as $500. While the base profile makeover services typically include only LinkedIn profile optimization, a professional LinkedIn profile writer can bundle additional services into their makeover packages. These additional services can include career advice, résumé writing, headshot advice, and cover letter writing. These added services typically drive up the price, but they can also present a cohesive representation of your skills and experiences across all platforms.

How much does a LinkedIn résumé writer cost?

If you choose a résumé writer from a professional network of freelance writers, the fees will vary based on skills and experience. However, the average cost of a résumé writer starts at $50 per hour. There are many skilled LinkedIn profile writing services available, so if you are interested in this service, request that your résumé writer show examples of previous work to make sure their skills and experience align with your career goals.