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Spanish - Latin America Spokesperson Videos FAQs

What is a spokesperson video?

A spokesperson video is sometimes referred to as an endorsement video. Spokespeople tend to provide an analysis of a product or service and then showcase how the product or service functions. In doing so, they seek to place their name behind the product, to bolster the business’ reputation in selling it, and also to drive awareness of the product.

Though endorsement videos often convert directly to sales, they aren’t usually of a sales nature. It’s worth noting that some are, however, sales-focused. It’s important to note that individuals such as newscasters and PR representatives are also spokespeople. They’re more informationally-focused than individuals such as Billy Mays, but they’re spokespeople nonetheless.

Why should I use a spokesperson video?

Spokesperson videos offer your business a way to build rapport with potential customers and build authority in your niche at the same time. There’s also the possibility that the video can convert directly into revenue for your business. Using a spokesperson video provides you with these benefits among others:

  • Increased product awareness
  • Increased reputation of product and business, provided a reputable spokesperson is used.
  • Ability to showcase a product or service’s features or a business’ intentions without requiring customers for a demonstration.

What makes a good spokesperson?

Good spokespeople tend to have four key skills: Pacing expertise, technical intuition (or the ability to learn quickly), trustworthy body language and facial expressions, and vocal clarity, or saying things with clear enunciation and doing so in a way that accurately represents their underlying emotions.

How do I find a spokesperson?

In order to find a spokesperson, it’s important to seek quality first. Marketplaces such as Upwork provide access to thousands of quality spokespeople each day. Every freelancer on the platform lists their own personal rate, so there’s no time spent asking for quotes on simple work, while more complex work is often priced negotiable.