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Email Copy FAQ

How do you write for email?

Email copywriting is designed to help businesses convert their customers through their inbox. Good email copy will get the reader’s attention, address customer pain points, and create a sense of urgency. Depending on the type of email, it could also include testimonials that help with business storytelling.

Email copywriters will need to work closely with business owners to help address their needs when crafting effective email marketing campaigns for their target audience.

How much do email copywriters make?

Salaried email copywriters typically make between $52,000 and $62,000 a year. The better track record an email copywriter has of writing effective emails, the more they can charge.

Where do you write an email copy?

Email copywriting can be drafted in any word processor. To send the email, many businesses use an email marketing client where they can upload their email list, select from numerous email templates, and track open rates and conversion rates to see how effective their marketing strategy is. This software will also give them space to set their subject line, preview text, and call to action (CTA). Some types of software even give the marketer control over the layout, providing them space to add social media and website links.

Whether or not an email copywriter will be expected to do the layout depends on the client.

Who are the best email copywriters?

Some of the best email marketers include Susan Su, Ramit Sethi, and Noah Kagan. A pioneer in the email marketing field is Matt Furey.

How much should I charge for email copywriting?

What an email copywriter decides to charge for their services varies depending on experience and types of services. On Upwork, many freelancer email copywriters charge $50-$250 per hour.

What is an email copywriter?

An email copywriter is the person who crafts a business’s emails to serve its marketing strategy. They are responsible for writing body copy and email subject lines that engage the target audience. They are essential in ecommerce and fundraising efforts.

What is email copy on Upwork?

On Upwork, email copy is defined as engaging emails written by a freelancer for a target audience of email recipients. Email copywriters are experienced in email copy that is designed to convert, driving users to a landing page or a sales page or persuading them to complete another CTA.

How do I find email copywriting clients?

Email copywriters can find email copywriting clients by creating an account on Upwork and setting up a profile detailing their specialties. They can also try doing outreach via LinkedIn and networking with other marketers.