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Advertisement design is a specialized field under the design umbrella. Designers collaborate with brands to create ad designs that stick with people in the hopes that they will buy a product or service. The ability to design subtle, impactful advertisements requires an in-depth understanding of the advertising genre and the brand’s target audience. Independent advertisement designers on Upwork have profiles that showcase their special skills along with their portfolios and customer ratings and reviews so you can find the right fit for your advertising needs.

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Banner Ads FAQ

What makes a good advertisement design?

Good advertising design uses design elements like hierarchy, contrast, alignment, color schemes, images, fonts, and negative space to visually communicate a message. A design tip is that repetition helps create uniformity and makes ads easy to understand. The best advertisements are relatable, memorable, evoke an emotional response, contain a call to action (CTA), and are invisible to consumers (they don’t realize they’re being advertised to but the ad sticks with them).

How much do advertising designers charge?

Advertising designers might charge per hour or per project, and their rates vary depending on experience, scope of project, and whether they work for an advertising agency or as independent workers. An advertising designer might charge a flat rate for a poster design or an hourly fee for ad designs intended to use across social media platforms. On average, advertising designers make about $24/hour.

What is the basis of advertising design?

Advertising design is all about impacting customers so they might buy a product. There are no set rules or standards on how to do this effectively, but simplicity, consistency, and truthfulness are all key. High-quality advertisements use creative design that sticks with consumers and solidifies brand identity over time.

What skills does an advertising designer need?

An advertising designer needs graphic design and composition skills as well as an understanding of digital marketing and print advertisement in order to promote a new product or establish brand awareness. A degree might be helpful but is not necessary. A skilled advertising designer can convey a relatable message using strong design and storytelling elements within an ad campaign for indoor or outdoor advertising on various platforms.

Designers use programs like Canva or Adobe to create different types of ads like still images or video ads for advertising campaigns. They might use templates to bring advertising ideas to life, or make entirely new designs for multiple mediums including print ads, display ads, or social media ads like Facebook ads and banner ads.
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