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Flyer Distribution FAQ

What is flyer distribution?

Flyer distribution is the practice of circulating flyers and door hangers for a variety of businesses. Some providers of flyer distribution services will also design and print flyers for clients to promote virtually any type of business or event.

Is flyer distribution effective?

In the age of digital marketing, flyer distribution can still provide an excellent return on one’s marketing dollar. Many direct mail companies indicate that flyer advertising remains one of the more effective direct marketing options available when targeting homeowners. Reasons cited for using flyer distribution include low expense, fast lead generation, and ability to target specific target markets and use highly creative campaigns.

How many flyers should I distribute?

The number of flyers an organization should distribute depends on the product, budget, intended target, and desired number of responses. The minimum number of flyers recommended in order to receive 100 responses is 10,000, representing a 1% return. It is possible, depending on the flyer design and distribution location, to achieve rates of return as high as 5%.