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AliExpress Ecommerce Marketing FAQs

What is ecommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using a variety of online and offline tactics to drive traffic to an ecommerce site for the purpose of selling products or services. Tactics to drive traffic to websites could include social media advertising, public relations, discounts, and content marketing.

How do I start developing an ecommerce strategy?

Developing an ecommerce strategy is not unlike developing strategies for the promotion of other products and services. A strategy for an ecommerce site should begin with determining goals and objectives. In other words, understanding what is to be accomplished (increased sales, product launch, increased brand awareness, selling to new audiences) is the first step in developing an ecommerce strategy. Identifying products or services and to whom they should be sold is also a critical component of an ecommerce strategy.

How do you promote your ecommerce business?

Organizations and individuals can promote an ecommerce business by incorporating a number of effective marketing strategies and tactics. Strategies might include advertising campaigns, content marketing, and video marketing. Specific tactics could include pay-per-click social media advertising, affiliate marketing, influencer campaigns, and press releases.

How do I choose the right CMS for my ecommerce business?

When contemplating an ecommerce business, selecting an effective CMS is a good first step in ensuring success. Popular CMS platforms suited for an ecommerce website include Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. If launching an ecommerce site that can grow easily is important, then a CMS such as WordPress might prove to be a wise choice. There are virtually no limitations to the kind of eCommerce site that can be built via WordPress, which has an almost unlimited number of plugins to ensure that your ecommerce site can continue to grow with your objectives.

How has COVID affected ecommerce businesses?

COVID-19 has significantly affected the ecommerce landscape. While numerous ecommerce businesses were already thriving prior to COVID, the outbreak has significantly increased many companies’ revenue and importance. Companies such as Amazon and Instacart have benefited from customers making more purchases online. Many people who may have been reluctant to rely heavily on ecommerce sites have become more dependent on them. This bodes well for the future of ecommerce.