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Human Resources FAQ

What is a human resources (HR) consultant?

A human resources (HR) consultant is a professional who manages the recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of employees to build a workforce for a business or other organization. Human resources, often referred to as human capital, are the employees hired to perform specific duties within an organization.

What services do HR consultants provide?

HR consultants often provide expertise to companies in the areas of recruiting and onboarding employees. Additional responsibilities include managing employee relations, payroll, benefits, training, executive consultation, and employee dispute resolution.

Why do companies hire HR consultants?

Companies hire HR consultants because they offer a unique set of managerial and interpersonal skills related to managing a workforce of any size. Furthermore, companies need to remain compliant with the latest federal and state laws related to workforce engagement. An HR consultant can assist companies in their compliance efforts.

How does a company choose the right HR consulting services?

While the responsibilities of an HR consultant can vary, most include basic duties related to recruitment, training, and payroll. Regardless of those specific duties, it’s important that those in the market for an HR consultant ensure the candidate exhibits the following qualities:
  • Holds credentials that align with the duties required
  • Exhibits experience in relation to workforce compliance and labor laws
  • Has a proven track record managing HR-related duties in an environment similar to the one where a position currently exists
  • Is experienced in targeting and recruiting qualified candidates for open positions
  • Can successfully navigate potentially sensitive personnel issues
  • Is able to provide guidance and consultation to senior management.