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SAP Support & IT FAQs

What is IT support?

IT support is a service that maintains critical and necessary information and data infrastructure. This infrastructure includes PCs, Macintoshes, laptops, servers, fiber optics, phone and ethernet cabling, wireless transmissions, and RF antennae, among many other touchpoints. IT support can be used both on-site and off-site as well as in a hybrid configuration.

How do you find the right IT and technical support services?

Finding the right IT and tech support services is vital to ensuring business continuity, efficient operations, and rapid change management, as well as IT asset monitoring and management. In your search, make note of factors that your business needs. One example would be a business that uses an “air-gapped,” or isolated, computer system for operations in their “classified” sectors. If you outsource your IT and tech support services to a company that does not staff personnel with security clearance, they will be unable to support any classified systems.

What are the types of IT and tech support services?

IT and tech support services include hardware maintenance, such as PC repairs and replacements, data center maintenance, software management and installation, and outage and change management. Other IT and tech support services include IT asset management, managed cybersecurity services, data management, and data loss prevention.

Should you hire a certified IT and tech support professional?

Hiring IT and tech support professionals with certifications from Cisco (guarantees a minimum level and type of expertise. These certification listings can help in determining what type of pro you need if you find that you do need a professional.

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