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Ecommerce Management Other Admin & Customer Support FAQs

What is customer service support?

This type of customer service provides technical support, focusing on helping customers use technology products and services. Customer service support may include walking customers through issues with SaaS programs or providing assistance with any technical problems.

What are three important qualities of customer service?

Good customer service starts with a solid knowledge base, attention to detail, and positivity. In addition, customer retention can be directly affected by the quality of customer care received via ecommerce websites, social media interactions, and phone conversations with customer service agents.

What does a customer support team do?

Being a part of a customer support team is about more than just solving customer issues; you’ll need to build relationships and provide superior care services. Customer-centric support teams offer assistance with problem-solving, answering customer questions, and fielding phone calls to anticipate their needs.

These customer support agents are real-time additions to your staff who can assist through the call center, offer chat support, and provide proactive solutions to your customers' concerns.

What are the types of customer service?

There are generally five types of customer service:
  • In-person service
    This is a more traditional form of customer service, where an in-person representative provides a positive care experience for patrons in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Email support
    In lieu of placing a direct call, some customers opt to send an email to a company when they have a concern or an inquiry. Having email customer support agents can help ensure the customer receives a fast response.
  • Messaging and chat
    Chatbots and timely support interaction via text and messaging are essential to real-time support. Customers like the ease and convenience of a chatbot and expect a representative to respond immediately to troubleshoot their issues.
  • Phone and call center
    Having knowledgeable customer service representatives available to answer phone inquiries is a must to achieve great customer service.
  • Self-service
    Some customers want to navigate the help desk and solve their own problems. Providing a robust help center, online community, or customer service portal is a way to decrease negative customer interactions and positively empower customers.