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So you’re considering becoming a Digital Nomad or perhaps you’ve already set out on your journey. Congratulations! Now what?

Rest assured! There is a thriving community of Digital Nomads eager to help you out. These entrepreneurial travelers are logging their journeys and, most importantly, sharing expert advice in blogs that will help motivate you and keep you safe and inspired during your trip. Here’s our top 10 blogs for you to explore.

1. Making It Anywhere

This blog chronicles the lives of Mish and Rob, a couple that has lived in 16 cities across three continents over the last couple of years. The duo runs a business they love, from wherever they happen to be, and make more money than they did before. Along the way, they share real stories—the good, the bad, and the ugly—plus tips for succeeding as a Digital Nomad.
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2. Stop Having a Boring Life

As if a blog with a title like Stop Having a Boring Life needs any explanation! Rob Lloyd’s blog is a personal account of his life after he got rid of everything he owned and started traveling the world. Rob couldn’t find any resources when he set out on his journey, so he decided to start documenting his adventure and sharing the useful tips and entertaining stories from his journey.
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3. Become Nomad

Do you wake up every morning excited about the day ahead? Is everything in your life exactly the way you want it to be? For most of us, the answer to one or both of those questions is “no.” The team behind Become Nomad believes the answer to both questions should be “yes”—every single day. This blog explains what it means to live a nomadic lifestyle and helps those who are already on the road become better and happier nomads.
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4. Untemplater

To live an “untemplated life” means to shatter your daily routine in favor of a truly exciting, unique, and unconventional one. While this blog’s mission is to build a thriving community of “life enthusiasts”—whether they’re nomads or not—the mobile lifestyle section is for people who choose to bust out by hitting the road. Recent posts to the site include tips for filing business taxes from the road and an inspiring compilation of reflections from young entrepreneurs sharing what they are most thankful for.
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5. Discovering Ice

The decision to pack up only what you need, walk out the door, and hit the road is a big one. Discovering Ice is a great resource to help you go for it, with words of wisdom from two entrepreneurs who’ve made full-time travel a lifestyle choice. Steph and Andres, an Irish/Colombian couple who gave up their jobs to explore world, share their travel, lifestyle and online business experiences.
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6. Tropical MBA

Have a winning business idea but want to travel, too? Tropical MBA is a great resource to help you do both. Their philosophy in a nutshell? “Do the work. Have fun. Do it again.” Sharing their own advice and profiling other location independent business owners, the blog provides tips and ideas for business people looking to break free of the 9-to-5.
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7. Thrilling Heroics

Stop the rat race! Thrilling Heroics practically dares you to escape conventional ways of living. Cody, the blog’s author, is focused on helping you shift the way you think about work and life, encouraging you to launch your own entrepreneurial projects and take charge of your own life, all while doing good for others.
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8. The Planet D

Thinking about “going nomad” but not quite sure where or how to start? The Planet D, by authors Dave and Deb, explains how to get started using their personal story as a framework. The couple took a seven-month trip in 2004 through South East Asia, and haven’t slowed down since. Chronicling their wild adventures—from dog sledding in Northern Canada to cycling the deserts of Sudan—they share unique experiences and rich travel advice along the way.
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9. Nomadic Matt

“Travel better, cheaper, longer.” Nomadic Matt discusses how it’s possible to travel without a lot of money or belongings. On top of tips and advice on how you can travel anywhere you want when you’re on a budget, Matt is a Digital Nomad himself, using and discovering new ways to live the life he’s always dreamed of.
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10. Spartan Traveler

Clayton Cornell, better known as the Spartan Traveler, has been traveling the world for more than seven years while building a small business from his backpack. This blog is a personal account of his uncommon travel adventures, a logbook of travel hacks, and a forum for thoughts on lifestyle design and working in the 21st century. Intended for those who have already embarked on their Digital Nomad journey, Spartan Traveler is a trusty travel companion.
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Bonus Read: Almost Fearless

Christine and Drew Gilbert have been on the road since 2008. At first, they traveled with two dogs and a lot of camera gear. After 38 countries and two kids, the dogs live in a farm, the Gilberts live in Mexico (for now), and they’ve just wrapped filming a documentary about Digital Nomads called The Wireless Generation. Almost Fearless talks about work, travel, life and food — for anyone ready to start their journey in the kitchen.
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What Digital Nomad blogs inspire you? Share them in the comments below.

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