4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Freelancer

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From solopreneurs to global enterprises, more and more companies are relying on freelancers to get work done. Partly because you can easily ramp talent up and down in sync with changing work volume. And it’s an easy way to access specialized talent, especially those with in-demand skills.

But is using freelance help right for you? Decide after looking at the four signs below. They’re easy to overlook, especially when you’re head down, trying to stay on top of day-to-day work demands.

1. Your staff doesn’t have the expertise

Sometimes you need a specialist or extra help on a project. Maybe you need an SEO expert for a marketing campaign, extra customer service support to handle peak volume, or you need a mobile developer for a new app iteration. Freelancers provide the right expertise when you need it, so you can put out the quality work you envision.

2. Your staff already has a lot on their plates

Overworking employees is never a good idea. Yes, the work needs to get done and budgets are limited—but ask yourself this: How’s the current work load affecting employee stress levels and morale? What are your turnaround times for deliverables? By assigning some projects to freelancers, you can get the work done faster and avoid employee burnout

3. Your staff can do it…but it’s not the best use of their time or talent

You hired each person for their specific skill set. So why pull an employee off more important tasks if a freelancer can get it done on a project basis? When employees work on what they’re hired to do (which is likely what they enjoy doing and are good at), it keeps their morale and productivity up. Think about what your employees can accomplish if they could focus on core business needs.

4. You’re losing out on opportunities

Are you hearing more customer complaints? Are you losing new business because you can’t respond quickly enough to requests? Is your competition catching up—or worse, passing you by? Take a moment to estimate the potential quarterly or annual revenue loss from being behind on projects. Freelancers can help you stay ahead, so you seize more opportunities and increase your revenue.

If you answered “yes” to any of the four signs above, it’s time to get freelance help! Create an awesome job post that attracts freelancers with the skills you need for your project.

Are freelancers expensive?

Online marketplaces like Upwork make it easy for you to contract freelancers directly, instead of going through an agency. By hiring direct, you avoid agency markups. This can save you up to 80 percent for the same high-quality talent.

Will they care about my company?

Freelancers are business owners. They usually share the same values and drive as business leaders like you. And because they’re doing the type of work they enjoy, they don’t just bring technical knowledge, they do your work with great passion and dedication.

Chances are that no matter what your project specifications, there’s a freelancer that meets your needs. On Upwork, you can connect with skilled freelancers in 3,500+ skill categories, including:

  • Web and mobile development
  • Design and creative
  • Marketing and sales
  • Writing and translation
  • Accounting and consulting
  • Admin and customer support
  • And much more
Post a job on Upwork. It's free!

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